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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

ESUS is a community.  Do you get the sense that the term “community” is really hot in the advertising/marketing/sales/startup/event space because it alludes to more than just a transactional customer-company relationship? But most of the “communities” we come across, are not actual communities. We hear the word being used, when really the authors mean a series of monthly events, a Facebook page, a group of customers that has loyalty towards a specific brand, social media followers, everyone who uses Twitter, people who happen to vote the same way, etc.  Building a sense of community is easy but maintaining this sense of community is difficult in the modern world. In the case of ESUS, we are a geographically diverse community bound by a sense of urgency around protecting the environment.  

To date, ESUS has been led by a small advisory group attempting to serve the needs and desires of the larger community.  But to expand our community, and provide richer information and experiences, we need your voice. Today I am asking residents of our community to become participants.  If you feel strongly about the mission of Environmental Stewardship, please consider giving of your time to help further this mission.

 Where You Can Help

  • Advisory Group Members: If you have a desire to help lead and guide the ESUS community, we are looking to add 1-2 members to our Strategic Advisory Group.
  • Programs: We are forming a Programs Committee to work with our Initiative partners in organizing webinars, FMJ articles, Newsletter content and IFMA Conference events.
  • Membership: We are forming a Membership Committee to help expand membership in the ESUS community.  Planet Earth is our ultimate community and protecting its environment is in everyone’s best interest. 
  • IFMA Events: ESUS is participating with other communities to host an informational/educational session on the 2018 World Workplace Expo floor.  If you plan to be at World Workplace in Charlotte, NC – we need volunteers to help with this effort.

If any of these volunteer opportunities appeal to you, please email


Dean Stanberry

Chair, Environmental Stewardship, Utilities & Sustainability Community

Director, IFMA Global Board of Directors