Eric Teicholz Sustainability Scholarship

IFMA Fellow Eric Teicholz and the IFMA Foundation established the Eric Teicholz Sustainability Facility Professional (ET SFP) Scholarship in May 2020. The scholarship is open to young professionals and students with a demonstrated financial need who are currently practicing or studying facility management (FM) or a related field and are interested in earning a specialty credential in sustainability. Additional criteria to be considered in the selection of candidates for scholarships include diversity and the impact the scholarship is expected to have on the applicants and their environments.

The ET SFP program was expanded in 2021 to include additional scholarships provided by the development of a corporate sponsor program. Current 2024 corporate sponsors include JLLPlanonJumbo ChainsNuvolo and ECM Technologies. With corporate sponsors, the ET SFP program was able to establish two new scholarships, one focused on technology and the other related to supply chains. Current plans for 2024 include both speaker and case study columns involving the ET SFP scholarship

  1. Whatsapp – for internal communication between ETSFP awardees
    • Target audience:internal communication related to awardee interests
    • Purpose: quick votes announcements, reminders, etc.
  2. Engage – for interaction and engagement with all IFMA members
    • Target audience: for awardees and the ESUS/IFMA communities and sponsors related to the scholarship and related sustainability issues
    • Purpose: for SFP/sustainability interaction between IFMA member platforms
  3. LinkedIn –  to used as a plaform for sharing ETSFP data with global community
    • Target audience: initially for the ESUS community and awardees (1st stage) then with other IFMA sustainability groups and sponsors (2nd stage), then open to the public (3rd stage)
    • Purpose: to exchange and share information related to ET SFP and IFMA sustainability initiatives with the global community


Teicholz received his education from Union College, the University of Paris and Harvard University. At Harvard, he was a Fellow of the IBM Donation, received a M. Architecture degree, taught architecture and computer graphics courses at the Graduate School of Design as an Associate Professor, became an Associate Director of Harvard’s largest research facility, the Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis and a member of Harvard’s Institute of International Development. Teicholz left Harvard in 1981 to establish Graphic Systems, Inc., an independent technology company focusing on all aspects of facility management. Teicholz is the author/editor of 17 books and hundreds of articles primarily related to architecture, facility management and GIS technology. At IFMA, Teicholz established and chaired the Sustainability Task Force, the Sustainability Committee and ESUS. He served as Trustee for the IFMA Foundation and as a Board Member for the Global Board of Directors.