FM PROFESSIONALS: Fabienne Douven, Global Communications Director,

Data and technology are vital components for facility managers to increase their companies’ economic productivity and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and other ecological footprints. We are on a trajectory of enabling a net-zero emissions future based on green growth. For that reason, Planon – the first corporate partner of IFMA Foundation’s Eric Teicholz Sustainability Facility Professional® (SFP®) Scholarship Program – founded the first additional program to the scholarship, which is related to the use of technology for sustainable FM practices.

Technology and digitalization are transforming the Real Estate and Facility Management market at turbo speed. Global environmental and social challenges have started to dominate the agenda for building owners, building occupiers, and service providers. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic radically changed organizations’ future workplace strategies, bringing a strong focus on resilience, business continuity, and employee experience.

To thrive in this world, facility managers must embrace change and balance key responsibilities, such as cost-saving and process optimization, with a mission to deliver people-centric buildings, digital innovation, and sustainability. Effectively, FM and RE professionals are in the driver’s seat to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment and lead the ESG transformation towards more livable and sustainable buildings. A global Planon ESG user research study targeting over 600 FM and RE professionals confirmed the importance of ESG on agendas.

In practice, this means organizations must gain a better understanding of their energy and sustainability performance and must be transparent about the steps they are taking to measure, improve, disclose, and monitor the sustainability profile of their buildings and related processes.

“In this new era, there are just so many novel technologies and opportunities for facilities teams to explore and implement to keep raising the bar and deliver more sustainable, productive, and attractive workplace environments that put safety and well-being at the heart of their business. To enable young professionals in FM to take up that required pivotal role for FM, we need to broaden their knowledge in environmental practices, allowing them to support their organizations in moving towards a sustainable future,” says Erik Jaspers, Global Strategy and Innovation director of Planon, IFMA Fellow and IFMA EMEA Board member.

“At Planon, we aim to contribute to this learning agenda by regularly sharing knowledge and insights that are based on our extensive experience in smart sustainable building management software, such as IoT-enabled Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). By describing the key innovations and dynamics that are shaping the near future of this market, we aim to ultimately help organizations in setting priorities for their digital transformation and to implement a future-proof technology strategy. Planon is a firm advocate of continuous learning, and we believe that the ambition to do better every day will allow all of us to take on the major challenges of our time, such as combating climate change. Buildings and workplaces that are both sustainable and encompass forward-thinking technological capabilities can significantly contribute to this goal. We are proud to contribute to IFMA Foundation’s educational initiatives, especially around young professionals who will have to shape the future of our profession.”


About Planon
Planon is the leading global provider of Smart Sustainable Building Management software that connects buildings, people and processes. By eliminating data silos and aligning solutions into one shared information platform, Planon provides all building stakeholders with actionable and meaningful insights. Independent market research and consulting firms have consistently rated Planon as a global leader in the market. Planon has implemented its comprehensive solutions for more than 2,500 clients, supported by offices and partners around the world. Planonsoftware.com  

Planon’s sustainable Innovation Campus, with its greenhouse meeting area and vegetable garden.