Facilities teams face a major conundrum: how can they access critical building information needed in the field.

Often, building plans are stored in document storage rooms filled with files, folders, and binders.  On some campuses, building plans are stored digitally on desktop computers or file servers – which still make document searches laborious. This problem is worsened as facilities teams travel great distance between campus locations for maintenance.

ARC Facilities, a mobile-first software company, has looked at the challenges facing facility teams and developed a solution which uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Optical Character Recognition to extract intelligence from building documents and deliver it via a mobile app. On-the-go facilities teams can now instantly access building plans, emergency information, equipment information, and renovation information. Here’s a snapshot of how it works.

The goal is to make people’s jobs easier by eliminating the time-consuming task of locating building drawings and equipment documentation.

Savvy facility teams are using the mobile app to pin key equipment and campus locations using color coding. Team members and other stakeholders can access, share, and update campus facility information from their devices.

Based on conversations with customers from many industries, we’re helping teams address labor shortages by giving team members the resources to map out and share key campus locations needing attention via handheld devices.

We’re also helping with emergency responsiveness by making building plans easy to share with first responders, so they’re not going into buildings unprepared.

With our solution, facility teams can text local police and local agencies building plans, emergency plans and information about shutoff and fire extinguisher locations.

By providing facilities teams with the ability to document and access critical building information via mobile devices, we’re helping staff complete more work orders, cover more ground and be more responsive to customer requests. As veteran employees retire or change positions, we’re also preserving and protecting institutional knowledge for future generations.

ARC Facilities actively supports key facility management trends including balancing labor shortages and recruitment and building a stronger, more diverse workplace. We’re consistently creating relevant content including webinars, podcasts, blog posts, articles and our Women in Facilities series.

About ARC Facilities

ARC Facilities offers cutting-edge smart building technology tailored for the built space. Our software transforms how facilities teams retrieve crucial information through a mobile-first platform. The user-friendly app enables easy access and distribution of vital building details, such as as-builts, closeouts, emergency data, O&Ms, and compliance documents – all at your fingertips. No more time wasted searching for electronic files or sifting through paper stacks; now, you can effortlessly locate key information like shut-off valves and fire alarms with a simple tap on your mobile device. Facilitate remote troubleshooting to prevent minor incidents from escalating, empowering your teams to operate more efficiently, cover broader areas, and respond rapidly. Experience the future of facilities management with ARC Facilities. Visit arcfacilities.com to learn more.