Mike Mafa: Engineering Forum 2024 in Botswana

Monday, April 29th, 2024


I had an opportunity to present at the prestigious annual engineering forum which gathers several hundreds of engineering professionals in the Botswana capital of Gaborone. 

My topic was ‘The role of Engineers in Facilities Management’. 

Covered in the presentation were: 

  • What facilities management is 
  • Emphasis on facilities management as a systematic profession operating under ISO standards – the 41000 series 
  • Sustainable Facilities Management 
  • The 8 categories of sustainability in Facilities Management 
  • Opportunities for Engineers in Facilities Management 
  • And finally trend in facilities management and challenges 

As an introduction I shared on what facilities management is, a strategy I have adopted in all my presentations. I have over the years come to appreciate that most part of our audience do not normally have a perfect idea what facilities management is, and by introducing aspects of sustainability or any other component we end up losing them. 

Tools I use to simplify facilities management are the IFMA FM video clip which is currently on the IFMA website landing page and IFMA Fellow Michel Theriult’s FM pie. 

As for sustainability, the triple bottom-line Venna diagram and stating the 8 IFMA sustainability categories make it easy and relevant for the audience to follow. 

Questions and answers sessions proved that there was huge interest in the presentation. There was great interest shown on both the local facilities association and the IFMA Foundation. 

Program Booklet